Project50 is a lifestyle challenge made for the top 1% of tomorrow.

If you’re a creative, athlete, entrepreneur, high-performer or if you just want to start living your life to the fullest this is for you.
Ever saw someone and thought to yourself: How does he do all of it?
We spent years connecting, learning and studying a group of people that are the most successful, ambitious sought-after in their industry:The so called „Top 1%“. We studied them and analyzed their habits. 
Who are the Top 1%?The people that belong to this group are to be found everywhere. They are the ones that outperform 99% of the rest. All the time.Although each and everyone of these people are very unique, after analyzing their characters, it was more than clear to us, that they all have certain habits in common, which put them at the top of the chain and make them so successful. We took the 7 most important traits, and formed them into an every-day lifestyle challenge, consisting of 7 rules.We challenge you, to follow these rules for 50 days, the exact time it takes to form habits to keep them forever. If you want to be part of the club, if you want to turn your life around and maximize your potential, start this challenge. There is more to the life you’re living. Stop depriving yourself of what you can be and start now.