Before we come into this world, our path is already chosen by society. 

We are told from early on

Go to school.

Get a degree.

Find a job.

Pay off debt.

Climb the ladder.

Have vacation 2 weeks a year.

Pay off your mortgage.

Go retire.

And by the time you’re ready to die, you become aware that life went by so fast, and memories are the only thing you have left. 

This can’t be our future. There is more to life than this. Fuck what they say. Fuck broken dreams. 

Nowadays we can found an online business, create an app, become a content creator or almost do anything we could imagine.

Stop working for someone else’s dreams. 

Start working on yours.

We are here to help you on this journey. Become part of the movement.

Become a creator.

A creator of your own life.


We support all Creatives

Artists, content creators, designers, DJs, entrepreneurs, film makers, influencers, musicians, photographers, producers, small-business owners, videographers, and most important:

People who create their own future.


SOM STUDIOS, formally known as "State Of Mind Project", is a company founded by two young and ambitous guys, with a big dream, to build a safe haven for creators, and motivate people to start working for their dreams.

The name STATE OF MIND [‘steɪt əvˈmaɪnd’] describes a rare mental phenomenon, which occurs mostly at night and is triggered subconsciously. It's a rush of motivating thoughts, which make you feel like you're on top of the world. You're in the zone at that point.

The more creative you are, the more likely you are to reach the state.

Typical symptoms: A heavy boost of motivation, the activation of your inner “drive”, the desire to change your life on the spot, - often linked to the craving for independence. Due to the state of mind being thought-driven, there are people who have reported losing their sense of time for the duration of the condition.

This phase is where some of the greatest ideas were born.

There are no exact instructions on how to enter the state of mind, although external factors such as listening to music, being alone, purely focusing on your imagination, and questioning life may enhance the possibility of triggering the condition.

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