Do yourself a favor.

With the Creators Club membership you are given unique opportunities. You are part of a highly ambitious and creative community, where everyone values each other’s expertise. For us it’s all about connecting, exchanging skillsets as well as working together. Whenever you need help, some advice or just a little approval, this is the right place.

Benefit in various ways.


As a Creators Club member you receive a handful of free digital products from our library. In addition, you will always receive early access codes to new collection drops. Besides that you also have the opportunity to purchase exclusive products which are only available to Creators Club members.


You have exclusive access of being invited to all kinds of our SOM STUDIOS™ events. From parties to come-togethers all the way to workshops, you will be informed about everything on time.


We are currently working on HUBs in cities such as BERLIN, VIENNA and NEW YORK. We want to give creators the opportunity of being in a workplace as well as spend their leisure time in a place where they gather and exchange experiences. Additionally you are part of our digital community.


We are currently working on collaborations with different partners such as Adobe. With the Creators Club Membership you will be able to receive discounts and exclusive access to affiliate programs.